What is Upstream Ag Insights?

Upstream Ag Insights is essential agribusiness news and analysis delivered weekly to your inbox.

Upstream is read by agribusiness executives, venture capitalists and agtech founders globally every week from organizations across the agriculture landscape including ag players like Nutrien, BASF, Winfield United and Bayer Crop Science.

What does Upstream Ag Insights deliver?

Upstream Ag Insights provides unique perspective surrounding agribusiness news and events that empowers readers to become better thinkers, more effective leaders and deliver better results.

With topics ranging from agtech, to biologicals and seed, to fertilizer, crop protection, strategic analysis of agribusiness annual reports and other reports from around the industry, each week covers a range of topics relevant to agricultural professionals.

Unique perspectives are accomplished through the 3C’s.

The 3 C’s

Curation - As an agribusiness leader your time is valuable. The industry is vast and no publication covers all of the various topics pertinent to the ag industry: fertilizer, crop protection, technology, retail and agronomy just to name a few. Upstream Ag Insights curates the most relevant stories that you as a business leader need to be aware of from the world of agribusiness each week, specifically future facing topics surrounding technology.

Contextualization - News stories are simply information. The value of a news story is in the insights you can derive from it. Upstream Ag Insights provides strategic frameworks and perspectives to help interpret, assess and analyze the current events and how they impact you, your team and your business.

Current Landscape - Having important news and analysis at your finger tips ensures you have your finger on the pulse of the agriculture industry. This includes background from non-traditional sources, like company annual reports and industry research reports. Being current is important, but all information has a “half life”, a deteriorating value; Upstream Ag Insights ensures the current information ties back to the bigger, long term picture so you can extract maximal value out of it.

What Subscribers Are Saying

Nick Horob, Founder and CEO of Harvest Profit
Colin Steen, CEO Legacy Seed Companies
Rob Saik, CEO AGvisorPRO, Author and Ag Industry Leader

Who Writes Upstream Ag Insights?

My name is Shane Thomas, an agribusiness professional from Canada with global experience in a wide range of areas in agriculture including the business of ag retail, technical agronomy, sales, marketing, supply chain management, digital/agtech strategy, product strategy and agribusiness consulting.

Above all else I am insatiably curious and that has fueled my passion for agricultural science, technology and the business of agriculture. Drawing upon a diverse array of interests from psychology to economics, to business strategy and technology and beyond, you’ll see these interests come through in the writing and analysis, enabling me to provide unique and valuable insight each week.

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The Best of Upstream Ag Insights

I want you to be able to extract immediate value from subscribing. Here are three popular editions:

Upstream Ag Insights - Week of January 16th 2022

In one of the most read editions ever, I get into Influence Erosion, The Future of Agricultural Finance and Lending, the Development of a “Brand” and challenges with soil technology.

Influence Erosion in Ag Retail

What is driving the dynamics in ag retail? In one of the most popular Upstream Ag Insights posts ever, this article dives into the challenges within ag retail and gets into potential for overcoming them.

Upstream Ag Insights - Week of February 27th 2022

This edition gets into an analysis of Mosaic’s acquisition of Plant Response and the implications on their business, assesses the announcement of EverAg, a company rolling up agribusiness software, highlights CNHI’s Capital Market’s presentation and messaging, gets into novel marketing concepts for agriculture and talks about incentives in the world of crop input recommendations.

Upstream Ag Insights - Week of August 15th 2021

In this edition there is a range of timeless topics, such as digital strategy in ag retail, public agtech company analysis, carbon strategy in agriculture, RNAi in agriculture, the potential of the “metaverse” in agriculture and much more!

Upstream Ag Insights - Week of October 24th 2021

This edition goes into the new business models of Bayer Crop Science’s digital strategy, whether Silicon Valley is good or bad for agtech and precision technology use reports.

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